Stem Cell Application News

免疫療法殺癌 減副作用 Skypost
靶向治療與免疫治療成為治療癌症「第三駕馬車」 Sina News
罕見基因病 治療費500萬 icable
治療末期黑色素癌 免疫療法創生機 Apple Daily


梁憲孫醫生 抗癌之戰 AM730
幹細胞治療 骨骼可重生 東方日報
‘Miracle’ stem cell therapy reverses multiple sclerosis The Telegraph
Human stem cells repair damage caused by radiation therapy for brain cancer in rats Science Daily
星國被判死 來台尋醫 癌症免疫療法救2人 Apple Daily
Cancer’s Super-Survivors Wall Street Journal
癌症治療新曙光 - 免疫療法 Headline Daily
Paralysis reversed: Man walks again after revolutionary transplant fusing nose cells in spine SCMP
From Stem Cells to Billions of Human Insulin-producing Cells Technology Networks (UK)
美國專家研究免疫療法治癌 i-Cable
Study takes step forward to type 1 diabetes cure PressTV (Iran)
New Type of Therapy For Cancer Gets Boost Wall Street Journal
Bone paste could provide treatment for ostoeporosis Daily Mail 
Cord blood gives 3-year-old with cerebral palsy hope The Straits Times 
Stiff Person Syndrome Treated With Stem Cell Transplantation Helps Two Women Achieve Remission Medical Daily
Stem cells show promise in stroke recovery BBC News
幹細胞可治中風癱瘓 Apple Daily
Stem cell research could lead to new muscle repair treatments CTV News
Stem Cell Operation could revolutionalise treatment of knee injuries The Guradian
Patient's Immune System harnessed to attack cancer The Wall Street Journal
幹細胞醫藥是新興的產業 香港文匯報
Can heart attack damage be reversed? CNN
利用幹細胞治療受傷跟腱 TVB News
迪馬利亞幹細胞療傷 趕決賽復出 信報財經新聞
愛女罹2癌 葉爸病房外住146天 中時電子報(台灣)
Combination immune therapies succeed better in cancer treatment BioSpectrum Asia
$15 Million Award to Go Toward Exploring New Treatments for Autism, Other Brain Disorders Duke Medicine
澳大徐仁和教授科研突破 有望治療多發性硬化症 力報(
Umbilical cord transplants saving lives ABC7 Los Angeles
血癌女換骨髓八年 盼搵工自食其力 蘋果日報
Could babies fight cerebral palsy with their own blood? Herald Sun
子宮頸癌完全擊退 都市日報
Immunotherapy shows promise for cancer patients
Recent scientific advances are giving hope to spinal cord injury patients SCMP
New therapy wipes out cervical cancer in two women Medical Xpress
New Immunotherapy Drug Data Show Promise in Treating Cancer WSJ
Burrillville’s Tyler Seddon, 7, prepares for marrow transplant in his fight against leukemia The Providence Journal
城大硏治白血病 新報
Meet the Doctor Who 'Fixed' Bartolo WSJ
Amazing news on Immune Cells Therapy WSJ
Patient’s Cells Deployed to Attack Aggressive Cancer The New York Times
幹細胞療法治心臟衰竭有重大進展 法新社
皮膚細胞培植出幹細胞 組織器官再生有望 蘋果日報
Newsletter - Apr 2014 : Cord Blood Stem Cell Infusion for Children with Acquired Hearing Loss Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation
注射造血幹細胞改善中風症狀 蘋果日報
自體血幹移植治癌 九東輪候期減至1月 明報
血液幹細胞移植 癌患延壽兩年 晴報
Cell Therapy Shows Remarkable Ability to Eradicate Cancer in Clinical Study New York, Memorial Sloan Keetting Cancer Centre
HK doctors hope stem cell treatment will ease boy's pain SCMP on 13.8.2012
DCRC cures six blood disorders through stem cell transplant The Gulf Today, Dubai
Umbilical Cord Draws Focus From More Scientists Seeking Cures Wall Street Journal
BBC DaraOBriains Science Club BBC
Emily's Story: A Young Girl Beats Cancer with Immunotherapy CancerResearchInst
Liposuction creates blood vessels for heart surgery BioSpectrum Asia
Liposuction Fat Turned Into Stem Cells, Study Says National Geographic News


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