Preserve The Power Of Your Immune System At Its Optimum Level

Your body’s immune system peaks at the age of 20 and gradually declines thereafter

To freeze your health level in your peak condition, we will bank your healthy immune cells after carefully processing a blood sample. Your own nourishing cells will then be preserved in a professional environment, pending to be used in future years to fight off situations such as infection and disease, cellular malfunction, imbalanced or declining immune system. They can also be applied in cancer treatment as they have been proven to be especially effective in post chemo-therapy and surgery.

The two common applications are:

  • Assistance in cancer treatment and post chemo-therapy / surgery: Commonly used in treatment of liver cancer, colorectal cancer and cervical cancer, the cells help to rebuild and strengthen the body’s immunity to guard against cancer cells.
  • Rejuvenation of Aging Skin: Healthy cells can help delay the symptoms of aging, reduce wrinkles and improve firmness of the skin.


Protect your Life by Storing only 50ml of Blood

Immune system is the foundation of a healthy body, for it helps to fight off disease, repair cellular malfunction or decline as well as promote overall wellness. By using patented technology, BIOLIFE will extract Peripheral Blood Immune cells from the 50ml of blood drawn from your body and have them stored in our professional environment, lifetime. They serve as a stronghold for your future health, ready to protect you later in your life.

How It Works?

Medical Applications

Potential risk of not saving

  • Tremendous medical costs for cancer therapies
  • Side effects from chemotherapy, radiotherapy and more
  • Unexpected recovery time after treatments


This is a way to improve your quality of life. Immune cells can be applied in cancer treatment and it had been proven to be effective in post chemo therapy.


Harvest your cells now. Choose BIOLIFE to enhance your chance of a healthier, longer life. 

Make the decision today not to miss out on the amazing power of regenerative medicine. Cells harvesting, processing and storage package starting from HK$99,000 - $199,000.

For further information, please call us at 2108 2168 or click HERE for detailed price plans.  




Biolife is a technical medical service provider supported by Cryolife. Our award winning full AABB accredited facility will provide you with the service you would expect from the biggest stem cell bank providers in Asia. We offer you the assurance of knowing you are placing your trust in the hands of the most professional, qualified cell bank providers in the region.