Why Keeping My Adipose?

Adipose tissue is a great source of adult stem and regenerative cells. While undergoing liposuction procedure, you can also have your stem cells collected and stored at the same time. Medical technology advancement brings together the benefits of fat removal and collection of healthy cells in one simple step.

With only 50cc of your pure fat, millions of Stromal Vascular Fraction Cells (SVF cells) can be stored for future medical applications where necessary.

How It Works?

Medical Applications

In all fields of medicine, uses for stem cells are being researched or even today being used clinically as treatment attempt in order to heal defective tissues or grow replacement tissue.

Currently, stem cells are primarily applied in treatments related to orthopedics, neurological diseases and various autoimmune diseases.

In addition, possible applications are

  • In cardiology, stem cell therapy following heart attacks is already becoming a daily routine;
  • The growth or reproduction of skin cells has become a routine procedure in medicine today in order to cover major skin or cartilage defects in the area of joints;
  • In laboratory conditions kidney cells were manufactured with the help of tissue engineering and their functionality was proven. Other replacement organs or parts are also already being grown in laboratory conditions and experimentally used in animal experiments.


Till now, 234 diseases are under stage 2 clinic trials and 27 diseases are under stage 3 clinic trials using MSCs from adipose or cord.


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